Agudath Israel v Township of Jackson

Jackson sued over targeting of Orthodox Jews.

Agudath Israel has filed a motion to amend its lawsuit previously filed over ordinances adopted to ban schools and dormitories to include allegations that an ordinance which effectively blocked requests from residents to construct eruvin (plural of eruv) was made with discriminatory intent as well. This should come as no surprise as recent township emails released pursuant to NJ’s OPRA laws (and all available here) revealed the obvious targeting of eruvin. As reported elsewhere, the “Jackson Eruv Association”, which made its own request for an eruv back in August, is considering their own lawsuit as well.

The updated lawsuit is available below, the judge will rule whether or not to accept the amended version despite Jackson’s objections on November 20th.

Update: The amended complaint has been accepted.

“Potty” Ban

Is this the future of Jackson?

Documents obtained through OPRA reveal a shocking new proposed ban in our town: some of the same residents who pushed successfully for the eruv ban have been pushing for a “potty” ban. If history is correct, we can expect to see a new ordinance banning portable toilets on the town agenda within the next couple of months. Forcefully addressing the epidemic of “potties” affecting Jackson is hopefully a cause all residents of the town can unite behind. Stay tuned for this exciting ban…

Update: Potties are Safe