When Will the DOJ Step In?

Renewed subpoena in the US Department of Justice’s continuing investigation into Jackson

The US Department of Justice continues to request documents from Jackson in an investigation into the township’s land use laws, with a renewed request coming earlier this year. This subpoena came in soon after the mayor and council decided to walk away from an agreed-upon settlement of a lawsuit brought by Agudath Israel over recent laws banning schools and dormitories. The township is also reminded not to destroy any (more) documents:

Both the DOJ and NJ Attorney General started sending subpoenas in 2017, and given that they are still coming in it seems the investigation is proceeding.

After all, they do seem pretty quick to close bogus complaints, like Jackson Township’s claim of “blockbusting”:

Maybe the denial of an application for a house of worship that was fully compliant with Jackson’s zoning laws will spur them into action?


Author: Jackson Leaks

Behind the scenes documents and videos from Jackson, NJ: https://jacksonleaks.com

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