Update: Reassembling the Documents

Jackson Township’s document destruction has suddenly reversed itself.

Jackson Township clerks have been replying to OPRA requests saying they can not be filled because the relevant records have been destroyed.


Fortunately, it seems that these records have been magically recovered. When pressed on why records related to litigation were being destroyed, the clerks office responded that they are suddenly no longer so destroyed anymore.

Maybe a team was formed to hand-reassemble the shredded documents? Maybe their reincarnated form is somehow harder to search, possibly because the strips of paper that they have taped together are fragile?

Or maybe their lawyers just told them that actually destroying things was a bad idea.


Which begs the question: was this all a ruse to hide information from the public? Has Jackson made more work for themselves while still being legally required to deliver documents?

And what will happen if the DOJ and AG¬†serve the township with more subpoenas? In fact, has the township already violated the order from the DOJ, requiring that “electronic files not be altered or destroyed”?

Update: Sanctions against Jackson



Author: Jackson Leaks

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